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General Member Form

An LMA MENA general membership is available for those companies that are actively involved in the Leisure Marine industry and have a specific marine activity on their trade license. They will have access to all benefits and will have voting rights and be able to stand for election for the board or any committees.

Members are allowed to carry the LMA Logo and promote the fact that they are a member in the course of their business.

Nominated Person

who may act as representative of the business or company in Association matters as prescribed by the Articles of Association:

Please select which Sub-Committee you would like to participate in

Sub-Committees are small groups of LMA members assigned to focus on a particular industry sector. Sub-Committees generally make recommendations to the LMA Board of Directors. It is an advisory role.

If the answer to all above questions is 'Yes'

You qualify to become a Member with full voting rights and ability to stand for election as part of the Executive Council.

If the answer to any of the above questions is “No”

You may still qualify to become a member.


If accepted as a member of the Leisure Marine Association,- MENA, I / we hereby agree to be bound by the Articles of Association and /or by-laws , and by any amendments made thereto , and to pay any annual subscription fees, or levies as the Association shall from time to time determine.

I/we also agree to support the aims and objectives of the Association and to confirm / abide by its Rules , obligations and Code of Practice. We understand that a breach of the rules, obligations or Code of Practice may result in expulsion from the Association.

I/we are not entitled to use the Association logo or in any way indicating that I/we are a member of the Association until the application has officially been approved and the annual membership payment has been received by the association.

I/we declare that all information contained herein is true and correct.