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Begin your United Arab Emirates yacht adventure in Dubai, one of the world’s top holiday destinations. Known as the City of Gold, Dubai is a melting pot of luxury, glamour and the ultra- modern. The city is home to world-class infrastructure and a glistening skyline from which the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, towers above the skyline at 160 floors high. Dubai is the perfect starting point for a superyacht adventure in the Emirates, with an efficient international airport, world- class marinas and unmatched hospitality. A modern metropolis built in the heart of the Arabian Desert, the city of Dubai is an expanding tapestry of influences and culture with an allure unlike anywhere else. This standout destination flaunts a vibrant energy and magnetic pull. It is this buzz that cements Dubai into travel folklore and can be felt in the city’s overflowing collection of prestige and diverse eateries, bars, hotels and entertainment offerings.


Departing from Dubai, head South along the Arabian coast towards Oman, and the capital city of Muscat. Famed for its antiquity, dating back to the 1st Century AD, the city is dotted with 16th Century Portuguese forts such as A Jalali and Mirani which tower over the harbour. Today the city is a mix of modern buildings, with the marble Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, and the ancient buildings. The coast of Oman is dotted with beautiful inlets, with traditional Dhow boats ferrying locals between islands.


After enjoying the peaceful waters of Oman, your cruise can return to the UAE, stopping at Fujairah with its large beach surrounded by the Hajar Mountains. The city of Fujairah is bustling with souks and cafes, as well as the famous Portuguese fort which looks over the water


On the fourth day of your cruise, head to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Your passage will take you past the north of Oman with its unusual island-like peninsulas and dramatic scenery. Abu Dhabi is home to a flamboyant patchwork of old and new, a bubbling glass jungle splattered with reminders of the city’s architectural and cultural history. Only a fifteen-minute boat ride from Abu Dhabi, Nurai Island is a boutique island with something for everyone that offers asylum from the dizzying hives of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This peaceful paradise seduces guests with spotless sand, aqua-blue shores and all the facilities needed for a relaxing getaway. Beachside yoga, island tranquillity, splendid pools and a deluxe spa are only some of the relaxing features served up by Nurai Island. Those who prefer active recovery can opt for some of the many sporting activities on the island, including fishing, swimming and tennis. End a day of inconceivable serenity by watching the reflections of the setting sun on the water over one of Nurai Island’s many immersive fine dining experiences.


For the final day of your cruise, return to Dhabai. The city perches on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, where guests can plunge into mild, turquoise waters. Jet skiing, parasailing or snorkelling, there is no limit to the watersports possibilities in Dubai. Spend your day experiencing moments of pure magic on the crystal clear shores of Dubai, using the ocean as your playground with the city’s stunning backdrop watching on. To end a yacht cruise to remember, spend your final evening in the UAE watching the sunset from the world-famous Kite Beach, where kites sink and dip in front of the amber glow of the sun setting.

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