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Leisure Marine Association MENA is delighted to announce Gulf Craft’s sustained commitment as a Bronze Sponsor, underscoring its dedication to advancing the maritime industry in the region. This sponsorship highlights Gulf Craft’s ongoing support for the development and growth of the maritime sector in MENA, further cementing the company’s pivotal role in promoting collaboration and community engagement within the UAE’s leisure marine industry.

Since its inception in 1982, Gulf Craft has evolved into one of the top seven shipyards globally, marking a remarkable journey from constructing small fishing boats to becoming a leader in innovation and technology in the yachting industry. The company’s genuine passion for the sea has been the driving force behind its ascent.

Gulf Craft manufactures a diverse range of yachts and boats, spanning from 32 to 175 feet, under six distinct brands that cater to a broad spectrum of clientele. These brands include the prestigious Majesty Yachts, the adventurous Nomad Yachts, the sporty Oryx sports cruisers, the versatile Silvercraft & SilverCAT family and fishing boats, and the reliable Touring Passenger Vessels. Through the integration of advanced technology, robust engineering, timeless design, and world-class craftsmanship, Gulf Craft stands as one of the world’s premier yacht manufacturers.

LMA is grateful for the continued support of Gulf Craft. To learn more about Gulf Craft and their extraordinary contributions to the yachting industry, please visit

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