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The Leisure Marine Association MENA is thrilled to announce The Captain’s Club as the newest Bronze Sponsor, solidifying its commitment to advancing the maritime industry in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Bashar Mihyar, Marketing Manager at The Captain’s Club says “As The Captain’s Club, UAE’s premier boat club, we are thrilled to align our business objectives with the strategic vision of the Leisure Marine Association. Together, we set sail towards success, leveraging our collective expertise to enhance the maritime industry, drive business growth, and deliver unparalleled experiences to our valued members and customers.”

The Captain’s Club, recognized as the UAE’s largest boat club, has been a trailblazer in revolutionizing the boating experience. Established in Abu Dhabi in 2014, The Captain’s Club introduced the region’s first boat club subscription model, providing a secure, accessible, and hassle-free alternative to traditional boat ownership. With a mission to democratize access to boating, The Captain’s Club utilizes state-of-the-art technology through its boating application, ensuring availability and introducing an economical solution to boating. By making “the dream of owning a boat affordable and accessible to everyone,” The Captain’s Club has successfully diversified the boating experience in the UAE.

The Captain’s Club’s Bronze Sponsorship of LMA marks a significant collaboration aimed at promoting the shared values of innovation, accessibility, and community development within the maritime sector. Their support will contribute to LMA’s initiatives in fostering sustainable boating practices.

The Captain’s Club, boasting a fleet of over 150 boats, enables thousands of members to enjoy boating across three cities and seven different marinas. Their vision is to expand the boat club solution and technology to numerous locations in the MENA region, further opening avenues for individuals to experience the joy of boating.

To learn more about The Captain’s Club and its commitment to redefining the boating experience, visit

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