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Marinas Performance LLC is a partnership between the Al Masaood Group (UAE) and Superior of Australia. Marinas Performance LLC provides a turnkey solution for all types and sizes of private and commercial berthing requirements. We can design and construct a range of marina systems, public walkways and commercial jetties for site and specific applications.

Al Masaood is one of the most respected names in the Middle East and represents the collective business interests of the Al Masaood family. Today, the Group operates through 73 individual business units spanning 18 diverse market segments in association with many of the world’s leading companies.

Al Masaood strives to lead the way in all market segments and continues to reflect the growth and development of the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) and the Middle East. Over the years, Al Masaood has firmly established “A Middle East Presence with an International Reputation”.

For over 25 years, Superior has provided high-quality marine flotation and industrial products through local and international dealers. Being known throughout the industry as an innovative, design led company, Superior is not only a market leader for marine berthing applications, but also a trusted and respected supplier of mining and industrial projects. With an emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction, ISO 9001 certified Superior’s mission is to support work, play and life, and provide an amazing customer experience! To learn more visit

Address: Marinas Performance LLC, UAE