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PHOENIX YACHT MANAGEMENT believes that yacht ownership should bring only pleasant experiences and unforgettable memories. That is why our extensive range of services cover all areas of yacht management.

Our team brings together qualified yacht management professionals with vast experience dealing with day-to-day operational issues. Their extensive background ensures PHOENIX offers the best solutions for a wide range of services.

Together, we are expanding the boundaries of management excellence to ensure your yacht ownership is an unforgettable journey.


  • Operational Management
  • Technical Management
  • Interior Management
  • Financial Management
  • Crew Management
  • Charter Management
  • Client & Support Coordination
  • Toys & Tenders Management
  • Charter Brokerage
  • Sales Brokerage



Perfect service on board is what sets us apart – whether you charter your yacht or use it yourself, our dedicated interior management team will make sure you and your guests have the most exclusive experience possible. PHOENIX offers bespoke and specialised client support services ensuring that everything is arranged for you and your guests to exceptional standards.


Our experienced team includes high level professionals with detailed knowledge of a yacht’s day-to-day operations. They have established relationships with the best suppliers worldwide and have an aspiration to provide the best services in the industry.


Safety of guests, crew and of the asset is what every management company need to continuously valuate and think about first hand. From equipment preparation, crew training through to cyber security, our teams ensure you, your yacht, crew and guests are protected at all times.


We truly believe that quality does not have to mean expensive. Our large database containing the most qualified contractors and service providers guarantees high-end service for the best price. Our advanced financial management system ensures you have 24/7 control of all the expenses on board.


We focus on using the latest digital technologies and efficient protocols for all operational, technical and financial processes. We make sure everything is comprehensive, clear and simple for the client.


Our extensive suppliers & contractors database ensures that everything you need on board is provided in the shortest possible time and for the best price. Wherever the location, rest assured your yacht will be kept in immaculate condition, poised for delivery of the most unforgettable experience. To learn more visit

Address: Marina View, bld. B6 Mina Rashid, Dubai United Arab Emirates